Virtual Reality and Escapism

Virtual Reality and Escapism
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What does it truly mean to escape? For many, including myself, escape is synonymous with being momentarily distracted from the mundane realities of everyday life. It involves letting the world around you fade away as a new one. Because captivating reality consumes your senses. Throughout my life, various forms of escapism have played a role. Because from leisurely walks to indulging in different media such as TV, books, films, music, and, for a significant portion of my life, video games.

The Quest for Escape

Upon leaving high school, like many fresh graduates, I embarked on the search for employment. Eventually securing a job at a nearby gas station, I found myself yearning for a goal to work towards. This goal manifested as the desire to own my own virtual reality (VR) headset, a technology that promised to revolutionize my daily life and redefine my approach to relaxation and entertainment.

The Fascination Escapism with Virtual Reality

The allure of virtual reality lay in its myriad potential applications. It seemed poised to enhance daily experiences. Because providing a new dimension to entertainment. After extensive research, I settled on the Oculus Quest 2, a versatile VR headset that served as both a PC VR device and a standalone unit. Because within a relatively affordable budget of just over 500 NZD.

The Honeymoon Phase

The arrival of my VR headset marked the beginning of what I can only describe as a blissful tech honeymoon phase. Every day off from my job at the gas station was spent immersed in the virtual realm, exploring new games and experiences as my paychecks rolled in. However, as with any new device. Because the initial excitement gradually waned.

The Awakening Escapism

Unexpectedly, the more time I spent in the virtual world, the more I found myself yearning to escape back to reality. The constraints of a screen strapped to my face became apparent, and the longing for the unfiltered sights and sounds of the real world grew stronger. It was a moment of realization—a recognition of how I had taken the most basic aspects of life for granted.

Virtual Reality vs. Reality

In the pursuit of escapism, I had inadvertently reached a point where I used a device to transport me to alternate worlds. Yet, a stark revelation unfolded—virtual reality could never replace the authenticity of the real world.

A Lesson Learned Escapism

This journey taught me a valuable lesson: escapism, whether through VR or other mediums. Because we can only complement, not replace, the richness of real-world experiences. As obvious as this may sound, it’s a realization often obscured by the desire to escape challenges and mundane routines.


In conclusion, virtual reality serves as a fascinating addition to our lives, offering unique experiences that may remain elusive in reality. However, it is crucial to maintain a balance and appreciate the authenticity of the real world. In the pursuit of a new escape. Because let’s not forget to cherish the wonders that surround us every day. For more in-depth explorations of VR intricacies and history. Because check out the linked videos below. Remember, life in virtual reality is an adventure, but life in the real world is a treasure.



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