I Spent 24 Hours Trapped in the Metaverse

I Spent 24 Hours Trapped in the Metaverse
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Embarking on an unprecedented journey into the virtual realm, I Spent dared to immerse myself in the metaverse for a full 24 hours. This endeavor aimed to provide insights into the current state of virtual reality, shedding light on the potential of this emerging technology. Meta, formerly Facebook, Microsoft, and other tech giants are defining the metaverse as the next phase of the internet, a virtual world where digital avatars enable users to engage in a myriad of activities.

Setting the Spent Stage:

To comprehend the metaverse, the best approach is experiential. I opted for virtual reality. Because donning the Oculus Quest 2 headset by Meta is considered a glimpse into the metaverse’s beginnings. In a carefully orchestrated venture, I relocated to a quiet space, the Holiday Inn Express, to ensure uninterrupted immersion.

The Metaverse Spent Unveiled:

As the clock struck 6 p.m., my metaverse journey commenced. Equipped with two headsets, loaded with diverse apps for different scenarios, my exploration began with popular VR games like Beat Saber. The metaverse promises endless possibilities, from social interactions to work, learning, and leisure.

Social Interactions in the Metaverse:

Venturing into AltSpace VR, an app facilitating social gatherings among avatars. BecauseĀ  I found myself customizing my digital identity. This unique social space resembled an evolved version of AOL chat rooms, fostering connections and Spent conversations in a virtual setting. The absence of masks in this virtual world added an intriguing layer to the experience.

Entertainment and Workouts:

Navigating through comedy clubs, interviews, and virtual nightclubs.Because I discovered the diverse Spent entertainment offerings of the metaverse. From meditative experiences to intense workouts in Supernatural. Because the metaverse seamlessly integrates physical activities into the virtual space.

Meetings in the Spent Metaverse:

One of the highlights was attending meetings in the metaverse. Apps like Spatial and Horizon Workrooms Spent transformed mundane virtual meetings into engaging encounters where avatars interacted in shared spaces. The co-founder of Spatial, Anand Agrawala, discussed the metaverse’s future while exploring an NFT art gallery.

Challenges and Realizations:

Despite the immersive experience, challenges emerged, signaling the Spent early days of the metaverse. Privacy concerns, moderation issues, and the need for more comfortable and longer-lasting headsets underscored the evolving nature of this technology. However, the potential for a unified platform and collaboration among various entities became apparent.


In retrospect, the 24-hour metaverse odyssey revealed the metaverse’s transformative potential. As technology continues to advance, big tech companies vie for dominance. Because each contributes to the evolving metaverse landscape. While the road Spent ahead involves overcoming challenges, the metaverse’s promise of a seamless integration of real and virtual experiences is undeniably captivating. The adventure may have been intense, but it underscored the early stages of a digital frontier that holds vast opportunities for the future.



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