How Virtual Reality Could Change Your Life

How Virtual Reality Could Change Your Life
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Virtual reality (VR) has emerged as a groundbreaking medium, offering a teleportation-like Life experience that immerses individuals in a seemingly real environment. While its primary focus has been on computer games, 8i, under the leadership of CEO and co-founder, Link Askey, is revolutionizing VR by transforming videos into holograms. This shift not only expands the realm of entertainment but also integrates VR into everyday life.

The Evolution of Virtual Reality

Over the past two years, virtual reality has seen a rapid evolution, with over a hundred VR headsets in production. Once priced at a staggering $40,000, these headsets are now accessible to a broader audience.

Bridging the Life Gap with Holograms

At 8i, the focus is on building unique software that converts off-the-shelf videos into holograms. The software seamlessly integrates Life these images into holograms. Because allowing users to walk around and interact with them.

Emotional Connections in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has transcended mere gaming to become a platform for creating deep emotional connections. The ability to relive memories through holograms has demonstrated the profound impact of this technology. 8i’s software has enabled a mother to step into her hologram, cradle her baby, and relive a moment from six months earlier, highlighting the powerful emotional resonance achievable through virtual experiences.

Beyond Gaming: A Tool for Recording Memories

The transformative potential of VR extends beyond gaming, positioning itself as a tool for recording and reliving memories. Birthday parties, family moments. And personal experiences can now be captured and revisited through holographic technology. This shift marks a significant departure from the conventional perception of VR as a gaming-centric device.

Celebrating Two Years Life of Innovation

As 8i reaches the two-year milestone, it stands as a testament to the potential longevity in an industry where 80% of startups fail within 18 months. However, the challenges persist, with a looming 92% failure rate after three years. Despite this, 8i remains optimistic, seeing itself at the forefront of the next wave of human experiences.

The Future of Virtual and Life-Augmented Reality

Looking ahead, Askey envisions a future where advanced Life holograms play a central role in augmented reality. Rather than transporting oneself elsewhere. Because these holograms will be brought to the user through augmented reality glasses. This evolution presents a shift from mere face-to-face interactions to the next version of FaceTime, creating a more immersive and dynamic way of connecting with others.

The Promise of Teleportation

The ultimate goal is to achieve realistic holograms and make instantaneous transmission possible. Because essentially achieving teleportation. With efforts focused on reducing costs, Askey foresees a future where individuals can transmit holographic experiences using nothing more than a couple of smartphones, revolutionizing the way we experience the world.

A Surreal Moment in Technological Advancement

In the mindset of this technological revolution, Askey acknowledges the surreal Life nature of being part of a movement that once seemed like science fiction. Being at the forefront of virtual reality and augmented reality, he predicts that these technologies will be the next big thing, transforming the way we perceive and interact with the world.


In conclusion, the journey with 8i unveils the immense potential of virtual reality Life beyond gaming, emphasizing its role in shaping human experiences. As technology advances, the integration of Life holograms into our daily lives heralds a new era of connection and immersion. Virtual reality and augmented reality are poised to redefine the future, offering a glimpse into a world where the boundaries between the real and virtual blur. Because marking a paradigm shift in human interaction and perception.



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